Ascent Digital develops custom solutions for the Shopify E-commerce platform.

Shopify is a SaaS-based platform that provides speed to market with a pre-developed shopping cart platform.

Shopify is great for businesses that need to get a store online quickly at a lower cost than custom development entails with higher-end platforms.
Shopify is also great for stores that sell physical or digital goods that need a minimal amount of configuration.

Pre-designed templates can be purchased to lower the overall design and development cost; however, canned templates may not meet all the usability needs of your customer base or not totally align with the purchasing workflow for your specific product lines. Many clients find missing links between their back-office technology requirements and the storefront. This often leads to some pain points that require additional maintenance projects down the road.
Ascent helps you avoid these pain points and begin selling more right out of the box.

Why Use Ascent Digital?
We can help you avoid common pain points by meeting your key requirements during initial Shopify platform development or help you customize your existing storefront if you have been living with issues from the initial implementation.
We help clients create custom branded user experiences that convert into an increase in customer purchases. We do this by optimizing product merchandising and purchasing workflows around the customer journey requirements for the industry and product lines. We have conversion optimization down to a science and would love to help your business grow

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