Cloud Pest Control Service Software

Pest Control Service software enables you to run your pest exterminator business with better insight on profitably from anywhere you need to work.

  • Increase profitability with more accurate job estimates
  • Win more bids by knowing profit margins in better detail
  • Create and track reoccurring client service tickets
  • Automate tracking of labor, materials, vendor bills and payments
  • Automate new quote approvals with e-signature capability.
  • Fully integrate with Quickbooks to automate recording of invoices, payments, expenses with clients, and vendors
Contact Management

Contact Management

Organize your customer's contact information for excellent work efficiency. Your leads, customer contacts, active jobs, WIP, service tickets, and billing history are at your finger-tips.

Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule & Dispatch Easily

Quickly schedule and assign your pest control service jobs.
Improve visibility over crew schedules.
Easily assign crew members and track service tickets with our service management tools.

Project Status & Job History

Project Status & Job History

Quickly view schedules and history for your customers and recurring service tickets. Information is easy to find and searchable.

Billing & Invoicing

Billing & Invoicing

Generate accurate invoices and eliminate extra data entry steps with our QuickBooks integration.
Expenses and labor hours can be synced in real-time to increase your efficiency.

Manage Leads & Quotes

Manage Leads & Quotes

Easily manage customer leads and simplify your quote generation process. Create more profitable quotes and get customer approval faster with our digital e-signature feature.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Our mobile app helps you manage your schedule more efficiently. Check-in and check-out scheduled service tickets with ease at client locations. Submit job expenses and view service details.

One size does not fit all.
We custom match business requirements with one of our contractor software solutions.

Complete a software questionnaire and recieve a custom quote.

Cost Savings:

  • Reduce Equipment Expense
    Cloud software requires no upfront costs for additional servers, expensive database licenses, operating systems, or the additional network equipment to run it.
  • Reduce Licensing Fees and Update Costs
    On-premise software companies create additional revenue with costly annual maintenance licenses. 
  • Reduce Equipment Maintenance
    Additional servers and networks tend to break and require regular maintenance. They will need trained IT professionals to support them, which adds to your overhead costs. 
  • Mobile Access
    Most on-premise software does not support mobile accessibility by default and will often require a separate purchased application or custom development to support this capability.
  • Improve Efficiency
    Older methods of VPN access and on-premise software have a limited ability to scale for fast-changing user requirements and satisfy today's growing technology demands. Cloud software removes and improves on all of these inefficiencies.


Increase Profitability Insight
Increase your profitability insight and efficiency while providing fast, reliable access to all employees who need to access your projects.

Accurately track expenses down to the service ticket level
Improve the detailed recording of project expenses and time reporting down to a project phase or task.

Designed for service companies
Our software is designed specifically for service companies to gain efficiency and increase profitability.

Win more projects
Win more projects by knowing the detailed cost of a quote and bidding with more confidence in the profit margins your business requires for competitive situations. 

Faster access and better performance
Gone are the days of slow VPN and on-premise software access.
You need fast access to your operating software to quickly complete tasks and have the ability to run your business operations more efficiently.

Why Choose Ascent Digital?

Easy Onboarding Experience

Easy To Use.   Friendly Support.   We Do The Custom Setup For You.

One size does not fit all.
We match your business requirements with a contractor software solution.

Personalized Onboarding

Our detailed review process, custom workflows and dedicated attention to you ensure that you realize the benefits faster.

Data Migration

We help convert your old data into our software solutions. Our goal is help make your migration as smooth as possible.

Best Practices

We use the best practices for your industry then customize it for your business needs. We’ll share success stories from similar customers and you select what works best for your workflows.

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Pest Control Service Software
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