Ascent Digital develops custom applications & technology solutions

We develop and architect custom business software solutions for our clients. We have the certified developers and technology expertise to deliver your project on time and within budget. We have over 20 years of experience developing robust software solutions ranging from custom business-class software to enterprise-level applications.

Example Solutions:

  • Custom sales & operations applications
  • Migrate Microsoft Access into SQL Server applications
  • Customer portals / Reduce SQL Server licensing costs
  • Custom CRM / Lead generation
  • Employee job/task completion workflows with time tracking
  • Return merchandise / product returns with back-office integration
  • Custom Applications with back-office integration
  • Custom cloud based applications
  • Custom AWS hosted applications
  • Custom Mobile Apps

Ascent Digital can help you migrate from an old legacy system into a new efficient system. Whether you are looking to extend your existing networked application, or needing to develop a new custom application with systems integration, Ascent Digital will custom develop solutions that propel your company to the next level.

Why use Ascent Digital?

In addition to rock-solid software development, we understand the end uses the applications need to perform better than most development companies. Our team has years of experience running and managing marketing and operations software for leading companies and know-how to deliver business results.

Our process starts with a comprehensive user and systems analysis to establish business requirements then translate them into the application's functional project requirements. These documents ensure your new software solves your stated business problems and user issues. Since user and system workflows will be engineered to work more efficiently with less overhead, the operating and network systems typically achieve better performance with reduced maintenance requirements.
This means a lower cost of ownership for your business and your IT budget.

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