Business Intelligence & E-Commerce Analytics Software

Our BI & Analytics software helps you discover the true profitability of your products - from manufacturing to the cost of customer acquisition.

  • Discover what activities are profitable and then optimize or remove processes that are costing you money.
  • Receive alerts and automate processes to help generate more revenue and profitability.

The future is here with powerful BI analytics software from Ascent Digital.

Why use BI & Analytics Software?

Ascent Digital creates custom dashboards and reporting around the KPI's that are important to drive success for your business.

We offer pre-built data connectors for the most popular E-Commerce, CRM, and ERP platforms. We also custom develop data connectors for other platforms and create cross-connected smart data sets that allow you to see separate but interconnected business processes in ways never before possible.

Discover the true profitability of each product - from the cost of manufacturing to the expense of customer acquisition. Learn and track what business elements to optimize to help make each product more profitable.

We provide scalable, high power business intelligence for the enterprise at a fraction of the cost of hiring Business Intelligence Analysts.
Our powerful software contains the common custom queries and tools requested by top data scientists around the world.

We automate business intelligence around your disconnected data sets residing in other systems and replace efforts that would take weeks for external or in-house resources to create and add requirements to maintain them manually each month.

Why use Ascent Digital?

In addition to rock-solid software development, we understand the end uses e-commerce buyers and internal marketing users need to perform better than most development companies. Our team has years of experience running and managing e-commerce, marketing operations software for leading companies with the know-how to deliver business results.

We spend more time learning your business processes and listening to your pain points before rushing off to build a solution.
The result is a solution that is more efficient and integrates seamlessly to support your business objectives.

Our custom SAP development solutions can help you:

  • Automate workflows to improve consistency and reduce service delivery costs
  • Gain greater visibility into your customer activities, business processes, and profitability
  • We develop a custom integrated, end-to-end business solution using Salesforce as the platform

Our agile SAP development process has served organizations of all sizes — from small businesses to large corporations. We offer our clients the quality and assurance of working with a highly experienced team of SAP developers.
Each custom development project is covered by a warranty that ensures your solution fulfills the project requirements and is capable of scaling for growth.

Ascent Digital is also proud to offer SAP support for our e-Commerce clients. Our Salesforce trained staff allows Ascent Digital to implement, and optimize your e-Commerce integration to facilitate growth for your businesses.

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Business Intelligence & E-Commerce Analytics
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Business Intelligence & E-Commerce Analytics
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Our BI & Analytics software helps you discover the true profitability of your products - from manufacturing to the cost of customer acquisition.