Ascent Digital develops custom solutions to help secure your business systems. 

We provide protection solutions for your pressing security issues. Our advanced research and extensive hands-on experience have allowed us to create comprehensive solutions that target your specific needs.

Ad-hoc or one-size-fits-all solutions are not the answer; they leave security gaps, and no two companies are exactly alike. The most effective cybersecurity covers all your enterprise applications in a security bubble.  All sub-systems like email and end-point security are connected and communicating with a cybersecurity detection system that continually monitors and catches threats that other solutions miss.

Our process starts with discovery sessions to assess your vulnerabilities, and we use an automated holistic approach to create solutions for your unique security requirements. We consider all potential security concerns, such as the business impact of critical systems, monitoring, operations, and threat mitigation planning.

We collaborate with you to form a custom solution that matches your risk management goals and budget. We can assist you no matter where you are in your lifecycle, or help you get started if you are just beginning to assess cybersecurity protection for your company.


Cybersecurity & Cloud Security

Cybersecurity & Cloud Security is not an end-point product. It is a holistic strategy to protect critical cloud-based applications and unprotected data doorways that lead into your organization's critical systems. In today's world, creating a secure organization goes beyond traditional tools because cybersecurity traverses across many paths and end-points into your internal systems. The complexity of these external cloud-connected systems requires a new approach to cybersecurity. From initial discovery, assessment, and implementation, Ascent Digital helps you implement cybersecurity that meets your business requirements.

Cybersecurity &  Cloud Security
Multi-Factor Authentication & Single Sign-On

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Protect your business applications and company network with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) services. Your critical business applications and company network access are only as secure as the access protocols and endpoints that allow users to access them. In today's world, without additional verification security, hackers have the tools to gain access by infiltrating user name and password only scenarios. Remote systems and browsers are easily infiltrated with the current generation of keylogging malware and viruses.
Our cutting edge products and services will help you protect your sensitive data and ensure only the users you authorize will gain access to your critical business systems.

Identity and Data Management

Protecting your critical data assets is a business requirement in today's cyber connected world. Connections to critical data exist in more places than ever before. Users and cloud-based systems interconnect across distributed and on-premise infrastructure. It is accessed by more devices, people, and used in more ways than ever before. When you combine digital transformation with enterprise systems, you can suddenly find gaps in Identity and Data Management (IDM) protection.

Identity & Data Management
Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management

Today's Cyber Risk Management initiatives are quickly forming tomorrow's cybersecurity frontier. Today's cyber risk management requires more robust protection, improved processes, and technology that can adapt and grow with you. Interconnected technology and exposed data are rapidly on the rise throughout enterprise networks, and the threats are becoming more sophisticated. To protect today's and tomorrow's enterprise systems, you will need technology capable of continually monitoring and managing security across all points of connectivity and access.

Security Technology

We right-size the appropriate security technology services for your business requirements and risk tolerance.
We maintain partnerships with several platforms and services to achieve the cybersecurity coverage that is right for your business. We unify siloed security implementations and processes to help you close the gaps in security coverage. Consolidating duplicate technologies will help you provide more strategic implementation and coverage.

Security Technology_Cybersecurity
Cyber Security Services

Security Services

We help you define or refine a cloud cybersecurity strategy, identify threats and risk assessments. We deploy technologies that meet your risk tolerance and business objectives. Our comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services is here to serve you. We offer an array of cybersecurity services and a holistic methodology that provides a more effective approach for compliance and regulatory reporting.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services help to unearth critical vulnerabilities in your existing applications, technology, and processes. Our network penetration testing services can scale to meet your needs. We offer detailed audit reporting with guidance to mitigate pathways for vulnerabilities, minimize exposure areas to reduce risk. We can also help you achieve PCI compliance with our PCI audit testing and reporting services.

Penetration Testing Services

Why use Ascent Digital?

In addition to security, we understand the end uses your applications need to perform better than most security only companies. Our team has years of experience in securing, developing, hosting, and managing applications for leading companies.

Our process starts with a comprehensive security audit to establish risk versus business requirements then translate them into the actionable testing requirements. A thorough security audit helps to ensure your software or website is more secure to protect your company, data and users. This means less time worrying about security and more time focusing on your business.

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