Migrate from Magento M1 to M2 With Confidence

Ascent Digital provides best-in-class development resources for your Magento M2 migration project.
Migrate with confidence using Ascent Digital as your trusted partner.
With many years of Magento M1 & M2 experience and certified developers, Ascent Digital provides custom solutions and support maintenance.
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Does your current B2B site lack capability?
Magento offers business flow customizations that many other platforms can't offer and often miss the mark when it comes to custom workflow requirements to serve customers and business needs.
Your business is unique and your technology needs to work the way your customers and business operations do.

We help solve workflow and systems issues so you can grow your business.
Our first task is to perform a comprehensive analysis of your business and systems workflow using several tools.
Then we review analytics reports to identify hidden performance problems.
We then propose an improvement plan that works for your budget.

Why Use Ascent Digital?

We have been developing Magento storefronts for several years and have steadily grown our capability as the platform has evolved. We've created exciting success stories by solving common Magento problems, providing best practices for conversion optimization and creating better user experiences. Your storefront sales can gain from our extensive background in A/B testing research to design the best selling user experiences and workflows. Great things happen you become easier to do business and delight your customers at the same time.

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Ascent Digital provides best in class Magento M1 to M2 migration services as well as support maintenance for all versions of Magento.