Ascent Digital helps more people find your Church and provides a compelling value proposition that promotes more visits. 

Every Church has a unique personality and charm of its very own. When seeking out a new Church, people often look for the unique worship and preaching style they are most comfortable. For example, a young couple raised in a small country Church may be looking for that same worship experience to raise their family in.

We develop a professional marketing strategy designed to create an emotional connection with those prospective members looking the charm your Church offers them. We help build relationships using custom developed content designed to foster that first step towards planning a visit.

Why am I getting fewer prospective member visits than in years past?

Several circumstances outside of the Church may contribute to rises and falls in Church membership. Economic shifts, changes in local employment levels and the availability of residential housing can all become factors over the years.
One major game changer is new mobile search technology. Search technology has changed the way people find and source Churches - or anything else for that matter.
In today's digitally connected world people are likely to search Google for local listings and review visitor ratings. A website or lacking thereof will form immediate perceptions of the Church whether right or wrong. This is a very different world than in the past.

To be successful in this new arena your website needs to be optimized for the digital world, or your Church may not show up. And if you do show up the value messaging should be professionally marketed, so the prospective member becomes emotionally attached and compelled to visit your Church.

We offer a path to success.

Every Church has a unique charm that creates a great fit for some members. Potential members are willing to travel an extra distance to find a Church that fits their emotional and spiritual needs. Ascent Digital offers professional marketing services to help Churches unearth their charm and create an emotional attachment with a prospective member. We get your website found in the mobile searches, so the new member learns of your Church and wants to visit after seeing your compelling content.

Whether you are a large Church or a small Church seeking marketing services, we develop customized strategies and content to serve your needs.

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Why use Ascent Digital?

Ascent Digital has many years of experience helping leading brands, businesses and institutions grow market share by creating compelling value for their products and services.
We create winning marketing programs with execution tactics that are proven to deliver results. Our audience-based marketing strategies consistently provide new growth for our clients.