InforCloud ERP Solutions - Built For Industry Needs

Infor CloudSuite offers a robust suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications built to industry needs of manufacturers and distributors that serve the public sector, retail, healthcare, and other industries. Infor is well suited for small and midsized companies but can also scale to cater to the needs of larger organizations.

Your company is unique, and one size software does not fit all. Infor creates complete solutions that work the way you do.

Key Features:

Advanced Planning & Scheduling –
Infor ERP allows users to immediately determine if they have the workforce, machines, tools, and materials needed to manufacture a product. Users can track product demand as it rises. Before committing to an unplanned order, users can see the ripple effect it’ll have on their shop floor and schedule so expectations can be set with existing customers beforehand. If a piece of equipment goes down, users can alter production schedules immediately. Through it all, Infor ERP boosts productivity, increases on-time delivery, and improves order accuracy.

Human capital management (HCM) –
Many industries rely on consistent service, and today’s buyers are more informed and expect quick delivery at a lower cost. Therefore, matching personnel to demand and understanding talent capabilities are crucial to success. Infor ERP includes HCM solutions that support a user’s need for a comprehensive view of the talent base so the right staff can be attracted, hired, and retained. 

Prebuilt industry analytics –
Infor provides clients with robust prebuilt industry analytics data by domain and industry that works across business systems and makes crucial information easily accessible for all stakeholders. Users can navigate and measure multidimensional data with a set of predefined chart templates or drill down into data on an ad-hoc basis. In addition, analytics allow companies to configure dashboards and create reports with industry data models, operational metrics, strategic KPIs, and a library of widgets and charts.

Workforce planning –
Infor’s workforce planning capability allows manufacturers and distributors to optimize their headcount to meet scheduling criteria, so they always have the right number of staff members at the right time. This feature makes it possible to manage production line requirements, as well as address actual and planned coverage gaps. In addition, workforce planning helps organizations discover how many individuals are required for both direct and indirect labor to best conduct their demand forecast.

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Infor CloudSuite ERP
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Infor CloudSuite ERP
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