We Create Digital Marketing & Advertising Programs That Deliver Results 

Ascent Digital develops proven marketing programs that reach your customers where they are and when they are most likely to buy.
To help you close more sales we'll develop a more powerful selling value proposition for your business. We'll help you differentiate from the pack and win new business from similar competitors. 

  • How do we reach customers where they are at?
    - 95% of all purchases start at a search engine. We optimize websites for local search (SEO). If you don't have one, we'll create a great one for you.
    - Your customers spend time on social media. We'll put you in front of them with laser targeted advertising that sells.
  • How do we reach customers when they are ready to buy?
    - Customers usually do some research before they buy. Our advertising programs use tracking provided by Google and social media to match the ideal products they are looking for.
  • How do we develop a better value proposition?
    - People will often select value over price once they understand the differences.
    Whether it's great service or a better warranty, we help you create clear value so buyers can see you are the best choice.

Measurable ResultsOur results are measurable.
We provide monthly reports that show where your customers are coming from, what they are viewing and how long they are staying. Depending on the custom program you select we can custom tailor tracking reports to suit your business needs. If you are venturing into eCommerce, we'll supply a whole suite of sales reports with a free analysis to help you fine tune and grow your business.

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