6 Reasons Yelp Is Not Working For You

7 Reasons Why Yelp May Not Be Working For You

Here are 7 reasons why Yelp advertising may not be working for your business.

1. Yelp’s cost is more than referred customers are spending at your business. Low conversion and high cost per customer acquisition result in zero return on investment.

2. Most people use Google. They will see Google listings and Ads before Yelp listings. Google Android dominates the smartphone population. According to CIRIP research, between April and June of 2017, the Android OS accounted for 67% of new phones activated.

3. Yelp charges by impressions, but that doesn’t mean people actually saw your Ad in the listing.

4. Web bots account for 52% of internet traffic. This means the majority of Yelp Ad views are not even human.
You are paying for traffic with no chance of sales conversion.

5. Yelp hijacks your Ad’s with your competitor’s advertising.

6. Yelp’s popups to download the app means your listings get viewed less. They get shoved down the page and fewer scroll past the first page.

7. Fake reviews. Research indicates up to 30% of reviews could be fake. These are unidentified accounts with no other reviews.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend migrating from Yelp to Local SEO campaigns with strategic Ad placement on social media channels.

We can help you make the switch from zero return on investment to gaining new customers with measurable results from other advertising options.

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